Do I need experience to volunteer at BDRR?

No, Just an open heart and willingness to learn.

How much does an individual session cost?

An individual session: $35

Group session: $150 total ( for group of 5 )

What are the hours at BDRR?

By appointment only.

How can I get my child or myself involved?
Contact Blissful Dreams at 843-442-0621 or email us. Our summer appointments can be made on Fridays from 9:00-1:00.
Can I send my child to the barn?
Blissful Dreams wants to be a part of bringing families together. We ask that all parents accompany their child. The positive impact that a parent can have on their child when they cheer their child on can be enormous. Allowing family members and guardians to relax and enjoy God's beauty all around us is part of what we strive to do.
What kind of children/adults does Blissful Dreams serve?
We serve children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. We work mainly with those that are mentally, physically, emotionally, and functionally disadvantaged. No matter what your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses may be, anyone can do anything through Christ!
What do you charge?
All BDRR sessions are offered at no charge.  Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.  We do offer Private/Semi-Private lessons for a fee.  Please check out our Services tab.
What do I need to know to start a group at Blissful Dreams?
***Group/class sponsorships are available.***

Please see our Sponsorship Info or contact us to find out how you can sponsor a group or class***

Class size: The number of riders able to ride in a group or class session also depends on the number of volunteers, teachers, teacher assistants (TA's), therapists, etc. that are willing and able to help the day of the group or class riding session.

Required supervision: For school groups, teachers and TA's are required to provide assistance as needed, as they should know their students and the students' behaviors best. This is necessary to provide a safe environment for the riders and for our horses.

Attire: Please wear appropriate footwear when around the horses (closed-toe shoes, preferably boots). *Absolutely NO crocs or sandals.* We recommend clothing such as jeans, long sleeves in winter, short sleeves in summer, etc. Clothes and shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. Helmets are provided & required, although you may bring your own if you'd like.  Thank you for helping us provide a safe environment for all of our riders, volunteers, and horses!

Can we visit?
We love to have people come visit. We ask that you do so by appointment. Call us at 843-442-0621 or email us to schedule a visit.
Is Blissful Dreams a religious organization?
Blissful Dreams is not a part of any particular religious congregation. We are faith-based and founded on Judeo-Christian values. Our faith is lived out, but not preached out to anyone. Our Founders and Board members all believe in God and in our Salvation through the death and resurrection of His Only Son, Jesus Christ.

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