A Little Taste of Heaven

Blissful Dreams
 is what I like to call a little taste of Heaven. It is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome, no matter what age, size, ability, or background.

We strive to help others gain confidence and self-esteem through the love of the horses and each other. We aim to cater to each individual's needs and dreams.

Some may come just to find relationships and bond with our four-legged friends, some come to learn the basics of riding and controlling one of God's large creations, and some come to feel the sensation of walking (via horse) for the first time.

As we see the need of each individual that visits us, we adjust to their situation. It is generally one-on-one-on-one (one rider, one horse, and one leader), but in some cases we provide more leaders to assist with those that need more support.

Our goal is to show our love to others as Jesus shows his love to us each day. We are here to serve each other and serve our Lord. God has graciously put these wonderful creatures in our lives as a means to connect and show love to one another.

Though the horses are very large and strong, they clearly show their love, acceptance, and gentleness. These are similar qualities that we find in Jesus.

We strive to help others live out Phillipians 4:13: I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. We CAN all do ANYTHING when we truly believe!

Horses and Humans

At Blissful Dreams, becoming friends with a horse means being accepted, being wanted and being yourself. Horses don't judge and are naturally sensitive to human emotions. They tend to act and react to the way we are feeling when we are around them. As a person gets to know a horse, fear and anxiety are overcome by friendship. Then trust is formed. Best of all, horses show unconditional love for those who care for them.

Horses are living proof that beauty comes in all sizes,

shapes and colors, just like each of us.