*All participants are required to adhere to the following policies.

Payment Policies:

NO prepaid lessons can be transferred and no payments will be refunded!

Lessons, General

Blissful Dreams' non-profit sessions are offered by Erin and Jamie Monday-Thursday and some Saturdays.  Contact us to schedule.

New Riders: This year we are requiring that any new riders take Private 1-hour lessons until they are able to tack, steer, and ride independently before starting in a Group 1-hour lesson. July and August is a great time to get some private lessons, if you have a child interested in weekly group lessons during the school year.

Rainy Days

There will be in barn lessons on rainy days unless you are otherwise notified.
BDRR teaches more than just riding. We teach horse care and responsibility of the horses. There is ALWAYS something to learn, rain or shine. If the weather is too dangerous or too severe, you will be notified of cancellations by a phone call directly from us.

There are many costs associated with the care of horses and barns ( i.e. feed, hay, vets, Ferrier, supplies, and upkeep). These are necessary expenses in order to care properly for the horses. They are costs that are unavoidable whether there are lessons or not. In order to continue lessons and services at Stardust Farms, full commitment to scheduled lessons is necessary.

Discontinuation of Lessons: If for any reason you choose to discontinue lessons at Stardust Farms, we would appreciate a written one-month's notice to Jamie Kohler.

Child Supervision: No children are to be left unattended at the barn or anywhere else on the property. Supervision outside of lessons or Fun Days is NOT provided.

Pond Facilities: Please do not use the pond and facilities directly in front of the house to the pond. You are welcome to enjoy any part of the pond on the horse trail around it. Thank you for respecting the Irby's privacy.

Driving on the Property: Please drive SLOWLY (always). Please drive around the pond and park in the designated area near the barn. Remember: there are children, horses, chickens, and dogs (Including one that is blind) that are very important to us and need protecting. The maximum speed limit is 5 mph.