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Cupcake is an 15 year-old Palomino Quarter Horse, who stands just over 15 hands. She does not like to be bothered when she is eating. She is the Princess of all of the barn.

At 6 years old, Cupcake’s 17 year old owner left her to get married, and was left at the Rescue Farm of her owners parents. Cupcake was originally trained western, but once we started working with her, it was clear that she had a gift as a hunter/Jumper. Cupcake is EXTREMELY lazy and trust worthy with young, inexperienced riders. She has been very successful in the show ring. Her stall is entitled, “Beware of the mare,” but she is definitely more Show and more “bark than bite.” Cupcake is a “bomb proof” and very quiet horse that is great for trail rides, but also gifted in the show ring.


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