Godfrey is a 22 year-old Chestnut Quarter Horse. He stands about 15 hands. He loves people and loves attention. He is what we call the Curious George of the barn. He is also the King of his paddock.

*Dream Maker Sponsor
Godfrey is sponsored by: Pressley Edwards & Family.


Aslan" Godfrey is the eldest and the "class clown" of the herd. Godfrey, who is a 22 year old Quarter Horse , has been with us since he was 5 years old. He was a previous trail horse that was a bit too small and spunky for his owner. Godfrey was quite a handful as a 5 year old, but he has become our best, most popular, and most dependable therapy horse. He loves to nuzzle with those in wheel chairs, and to be the center of attention. Godfrey is well known for sticking his tongue out in pictures.