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Paris’ Mom was bought by a lady in Hollywood, SC. The Palomino Quarter Horse, Paris, was a surprise to all, as the lady did not realize her mom was pregnant with Paris upon the purchase of her mother. When Paris was 2 years old her owner literally disappeared and abandoned Paris at the farm in Hollywood, SC where Jamie trained a young, green pony. The family that owned the pony that Jamie trained, ended up getting Paris. Jamie began working with and training 3 year old Paris. After Paris was trained and ready for others to ride, she was turned out in the pasture for 10 years. About 3 years ago Jamie was contacted by Paris’ owner to see if Paris could be a part of BDRR. Jamie was the first and last person to ride Paris upon getting turned out in the pasture for those 10 years. Paris needed a job and a purpose. Paris is currently a favorite of some of the smallest and youngest of our riders. She now serves MANY purposes at BDRR.